Art Districts mission er at tilbyde unik kunst og design, som er lavet med passion og er af højeste kvalitet.  

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About us


An online gallery and webshop with a mission. We wish to play an important role for talented designers and artists in the international pursuet of making a living of their art and design.

On ART we market and sell the designers and artists artworks and designs. As an extra value and priceless add on to your purchase we also tell the story behind the design and art.


ART DISTRICT in sound and movement


ART DISTRICT video from ART DISTRICT on Vimeo.

We chose the name Art District because…...


…we wish to create a virtual version of the big city art districts.

…we wish to provide you with the joy of shopping in hidden alleys filled with unique shops and vendors where design, art, and applied art come alive step by step.

…we wish to give you the same experience as if you personally met the artist or designer behind the product. On this site, you will get it all through text, photos, and video.

We love...


... to inspire you with beautiful, quirky, and thought provoking products, as well as their history.

... bubbles! Champagne, sparkling water and soap bubbles – you name it.  

 ... the big city vibe, from Paris over Copenhagen to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, while exploring small streets and enjoying delicious food, served on inspiring plates. prosper and meet the whole world through art. Both a privilege and continuous journey, both of which we are grateful

…good stories and silly ideas. Feel free to contribute on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, Twitter or

We sell...


... unique art and crafts that are stylish with an edge, created by upcoming artists. Indulge yourself in a more beautiful, funny, and stylish life. 

We believe...


... that coming together is key and will trend forever. That co-creation is what makes us special. Go, co-create with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Twitter or

… that cultures truly can melt together through art, food, passion, and business. And that every one of us see eye to eye when we use our curiosity and creativity 


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