Art Districts mission er at tilbyde unik kunst og design, som er lavet med passion og er af højeste kvalitet.  

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Vision og mission


♦ To help 100 artists make a living from their art and craft by 2020.

♦ To make everyday life and the world a more beautiful, funny and artistic place. ART up your life!



♦ To allow easy access to art and craft from all over the world

♦ To market and sell art and craft from emerging, talented artists and thus play a role in their ability to make a living from their art and craft

♦ To sell, not just the art and craft, but also the stories behind

♦ To bring art and joy into everyday life of our customers by selling beautiful, quirky and whimsical products that evoke smiles and laughter and leave inspiration and thoughts. In short - art and design that will ART UP YOUR LIFE!

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