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Shadi Eshragi: Visionary Science

Shadi Eshragi: Visionary Science

Shadi Eshragi: Visionary Science

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Do you believe in destiny? Have you ever experiencesda series of things happening that had, in the end, lead you to a certain person or an oppertunity?

The artworks ”Visionary Pawn” and ”Visionary science” are inspired by a poem that is telling about life being part of something bigger. That we are all visionary creatures playing a role in “the game of life”.

The calligraphy in the middle, looking like a pawn, has parts of the poem incorporated. The artwok "Lamp” refers to the idea of a higher consciousness in our lives:

"We are no other than a moving row, of visionary Shapes that come and go...". Quote: Edward Fitzgerald

The artworks consists of many layers. The first layer is handmade paper. The paper is tinted with ink and watercolor by the artist. From here, the delicate process of doing the calligraphy starts. The calligraphy is in a lyrical style, developed by the artist. 

Finally the artwork is fused with digital art and photography, until the final piece is done. The artist uses a combination of old traditional processes and modern digital tools.

Before it is 100% finished, the artist adds one more layer of calligraphy or color.

Shadi eshragi

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