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Karina Hunnerup - Hunn



You can feel it as soon as you step into the shop at Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde in Copenhagen; creativity, intimacy, and a pleasure for creating. Precious metals are processed and from everyday discarded things, aesthetically beautiful jewellery emerges. Her art is sold here from the shop HUNN, Karina´s own brand and shop located in the heart of Copenhagen since 2010.


There are a great amount of discarded things that we do not see any value in once it have been thrown out. Karina on the contrary sees unexplored opportunities and beauty in what the rest of us think is useless. The fascination for junk is a product of love towards everyday quirkiness: 

“It´s about taking something considered non-precious and discarded, and then add value to it and find the beauty in it,” she explains. 

In that way, Karina Hunnerup takes advantage of the potential of discarded junk and creates untraditional, unique, and aesthetic beautiful jewellery. For Karina, the junk is not the ugly part we usually associate with discarded items, but sources of inspiration with a lot of information, whether it is the combination of materials, colours, patterns or text.  

“It´s an alternative version of collecting seashells on the beach,” laughs Karina. “Some are interested in seashells, I´m interested in junk!


Beside the ability to create something beautiful out of something apparently useless, Karina Hunnerup takes pleasure in playing with words. 

“Words have power which kick starts my imagination,” she explains. Her fascination with poetry and lyrics is expressed through the titles of the jewelleries: “9 Leaves Left”, “Th(r)ings to Remember”, and “Bread-tag”. It gives the jewelleries an added dimension and a whimsical story. 


Karina stands out in her style by combining textiles with precious metals. This combination has its origin back from when she started her creative career at the School of Design in Kolding, from where she graduated in 2007 with a master in textile design. During her bachelor years, Karina mainly focused on textiles, but during her master she focussed on precious metals, and that meant enhanced knowledge with working with materials that could be manipulated and “talked to,” as she says herself. Design techniques, colour choices, and an understanding of the materials are aspects Karina has adopted and implemented in her work with jewellery. 


……we can all agree on. But for Karina Hunnerup, jewellery is not just decorations. There are client guidance, specific needs and wishes, and many thoughts and special stories behind creating the jewellery.

Karina is determined to renew herself and explore herself. Curiosity, fantasy, and a passion for poetry add aesthetic and an edge to the jewellery while representing a talented Danish artist with an ability to create feminine and unique jewellery.

ART DISTRICT interview´s jewellery designer Karina Hunnerup from ART DISTRICT on Vimeo. NOTE: We work on subtitling this as it is in Danish.

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