Art Districts mission er at tilbyde unik kunst og design, som er lavet med passion og er af højeste kvalitet.  

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Petmonkey is a side project of Maria Lomholdt´s work. Maria Lomholdt is a photographer by profession and educated in England.

The illustrations are made out of the various photos Maria Lomholdt captures. Often 10-30 photos are merged in order to reach a satisfying result. Nothing is random, the trustworthiness of the photo has been manipulated and only fiction is left, used for addressing reality. Whether you want to be entertained or inspired to think must be up to a personal choice.

The prices of Petmonkey´s products are attainable for most based on the vision that everybody should have the possibility to experience art.

Petmonkey´s universe is best described like this:

“There is a certain timeless sensation imbedded in the illustrations. The slight sarcasm and humour make them innovative and stand out. You cannot help but wonder and smile every time you walk past one of the illustrations.”