Art Districts mission er at tilbyde unik kunst og design, som er lavet med passion og er af højeste kvalitet.  

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Cecilie Laursen


”I enjoy the ease and calmness I feel when I am drawing my illustrations”. Quote: Cecilie Laursen.

Just 19 years old and full speed ahead

Meet Cecilie Laursen. A fast paced 19 year old mother of two small children, with a great talent for drawing and illustrating. From our first contact with Cecilie and until we have all the materials and information we need, to draw up her profile and designs it takes less than 48 hours. Not only is she fast, but also, this young talented woman, is very enterprising and super loving. Her brand is called CL Design.

”I always knew that I had to do something creative. It all started with a few drawings, that then grew into illustrations", says Cecilie.

The beginning rarely represents the end

Cecilie uses pen and computer when designing and drawing her illustrations. The illustrations are very different and it is clear to see, that the inspiration comes from both the very abstract over patterns to the geometric trends.

Some illustrations are "just there" in a few hours where as others take days and days to get exactly how Cecilie want them. One thing is for sure though and that is, that the idea that brought her to the drawing table rarely is the final result. 

Wishes and the future

”I wish that my illustrations can decorate, add life and personality in many different homes”.

When we ask if she has a specific way she wishes to take her designs and illustrations, Cecilie answers:

”I love what I do and I hope that others too, find joy in it, and then let´s see what the future holds for me”.

CL Illustrationer

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