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Maj-Britt Bach



I have studied business communication and worked with IT for many years, but ever since I was a child I have been creative. Maj-Britt Bach

I loved to draw and make portraits throughout my childhood, which in the course of many years has added up.

I still love to draw, but I also think it is fun to explore the graphical aspect. The digital art form is a whole new world that has opened itself up to me, and I enjoy sitting and playing with shapes and colours on the computer.

Often, I start out with an idea that ends up after days being something completely different than what I first thought. Making something digitally gives me diversity and inspires me to make different products.

Some products are very graphical and simple, others are soft and thoughtful.

I am planning to integrate photos into my work and that is a process I look forward to. My big dream is to open a small gallery with my graphical design. That would be an amazing thing to do.