Art Districts mission er at tilbyde unik kunst og design, som er lavet med passion og er af højeste kvalitet.  

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Sofie Borsting



Sofie BørstingBehind graphical designer Sofie Børsting´s illustrations with funny patterns and animal motives, there is a serious working artist.

 “It´s important that all my drawings have a soul, and they need to be alive and twitch despite the expression.”

There are always new and exciting things to try out in the world of Sofie Børsting, and for that reason she cannot help herself. Her ideas are like birds about to leave the nest, basking with their wings in an attempt to try to fly. Creation is Sofie Børsting´s way of existing.


From her creativity stems a fairy tale like colour let of patterns and animals uniting in a humoristic universe, appealing to both the soul of an adult and the mind of a child. It is especially the birds that have a special place in Sofie´s heart. It is a special place reserved for them since she studied at Denmark´s School of Design. 


Sofie Børsting has since she was a child known that she was meant for a creative life.

“I dreamt about opening up my own shop with porcelain items, but the best Christmas gifts were the pens that were able to give my thoughts a colourful life on paper.”

Creating your own, get an idea, and catch it out of the sky are some of the things that motivate Sofie Børsting. She loves the almost therapeutical process of immersion which for her is like disappearing into another world.

When Sofie Børsting creates her own products, she treats them like experiments without having any clue to whether they are going to be a success or not. Nonetheless, this is the case which makes her pinch herself, because the dream has come true and she now makes a living out of what she loves.


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