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Cecilia Brogger



Cecilia Brøgger
Graphical aesthetics, clear lines, and an exclusive elegance characterize the collection from Cecilia Brogger Jewellery. Her design is combined of gold, silver, and diamonds of the highest standard in a modern and timeless design.

Cecilia Brogger is the story of having the courage to follow your dreams, and make your passion your life. Originally, Cecilia Brogger graduated as a graphical designer from Denmark´s school of Design, but decided years back to design jewellery.

Since then, she has worked with translating and refining her elegant designs to a unique, handmade collection of jewelleries.

“I´m fascinated with creating reflections in the collaboration between gold and diamonds though facets and graphical forms. In my process of designing, I thrive towards the simple, clean, and sophisticated expression and I work deliberately towards creating feminine, timeless jewellery that can be combined as you like.”


Cecilia Brogger gets her inspiration from her travels to France, Spain, Italy – from details in the architecture, a street paved with cobblestone, carvings in wooden frames, art, interior designs, and of course in her work as a graphical designer.