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Louise Degn


Louise Degn graduated as a jeweller in 2005, but she has been creative ever since she was a child.

“After high school, they only thing I could imagine myself doing was working with jewellery,” says the young jeweller. “Before I graduated as a jeweller, I found a trainee position, and since then everything just kind of worked out. It has been random, but still felt like it was meant to be.”   

It was first when she was let go by her former employer due to the financial crisis that she really started making her own jewellery. Since, she has dedicated at least one day a week to jewellery, while getting on by working small jobs on the side. 


Louise Degn is searching for inspiration everywhere around her:

“Every time I see a nice image in a magazine I keep it. The image can be from a magazine about housing interior with a table that has a nice dish on it I can make as a ring. When I see something adorable I automatically think that it will make a good piece of jewellery.”

Often, ideas to Louise´s jewellery stem from everyday stuff that has a special beauty or charm; a charming, antique watering can or the first butterfly in spring, the favourite chicken ring from when she was a child, a nice fairy tale-like teapot in rococo style, a birdhouse, a phone drawing…all childhood memories.

The good craftsmanship, the real materials, and an original design are key features in her work as a jeweller. To this, she adds a decent amount of humour. She makes jewellery to the independent woman, who appreciates beauty and quality, and face life with a smile.


The process of creating each piece of jewellery is different every time. Sometimes, Louise Degn simply just sits down and begins, other times it has been a long and tough process.

I have a lot of blueprints lying around. I´ve been drawing and thinking this is how it´s going to be, but many of these thoughts and ideas never came into existence. Jewellery that is exciting to make, is jewellery that will take you on a journey with no pre-decided destination,” she explains.


““The materials are very important for me when making jewellery. I use gold and silver, and preferably diamonds. Those are the real and traditional jeweller materials,” Louise says and continues:

“Besides the quality of the materials that people like, I like when people laugh when they see my jewellery. It´s nice that customers buy them because they think the jewelleries are graceful and because they have a funny story.”


The aura of Louise Degn is just that of ART UP YOUR LIFE, and on top of that, she recently won the Brand New Copenhagen Prize. Read more about it here.

Congratulations to Louise Degn. The jury was composed of competent people and one member of the jury Henning Kern from Dyrberg/Kern said:

“This year´s winner makes creative products with a lot of humour. The products inhibit storytelling and a figurative narrative which make it possible for the designer to move in many directions in her future career.”

Louise Degn is spot on with today’s trend. She does it with humour, and her jewellery is elegant, simple, beautiful, and captivating all at once. In her selection, you can find teapot rings, birdhouse earrings, cupcake rings, water can rings, and Marie-biscuit brooches. She adds humour to everyday things and on the other way around, she contributes to making everyday a little more fun for all of us.