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Stine Renberg Andersen





”Some people keep a diary. I draw the moods and experiences of my everyday life”. Quote; Artist Stine Renberg.

It sounds very simpel when Stine says it. Using art as a way of expressing the events of everyday life. With the talent Stine has for drawing, painting, creating and doing very unique art, it even looks easy. It is not! It takes years. Stines artworks gives a picture of the moment. The moments and moods with women. However it takes hours, weeks, months and years to finish the work and grasp the story behing the women. What is most important is time, rhythm and the dunamics in the artworks.   


The artist Stine Renberg has her own characteristic and very much alive "line" and pen. Lush and sensual women are often repeated in Renberg's artworks and is a tribute to the natural and individuality of the human body. Her style is organic and graphical, and the artworks have erotic and sensual notes to them.

Renberg finds her inspiration in the obvious, the nude and the honest. The body is sensual and Stine likes to paint bodies that are stereotyped as "un-perfect". An artistic countermove towards the glorification of "the perfect body".  

”I am inspirered by people around me. I think that nudity is strong! The women that I meet are proud of their bodies. The most beautiful is the natural in the body. Cause that it is. Natural. ” Quote; Renberg.



When Stines looks at bodies, she sees stories. Stories that cover more than words and that inspires. Her amazing ability to work with a female body and make it into a a true piece of art on canvas or paper, has made Renberg a wanted artist. Wanted by women in need of creating a new image of themselves. They pose for the artwork and love to see themselves in a new way. From a new angle. The women wish to love themselves as they are. Natural. Bautiful. Lush. Women.

”The body and it´s various shapes and sizes facinates me. I think that the body is weird and crazy but beautiful. All of my paintings and artowrorks are inspired by people around me and all artworks are made from a model”. Quote; Renberg 


STine Renberg