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Louise Autrup Vinkel



Meet artist Louise Autrup Vinkel, and be thrilled about the huge art talent that are expressed in her unique art, collages, artprints, charcoal drawings and pen on wood. With an education from Copenhagen art school and a passion for art, originating from Louises childhood, Louises art is both obvious and mysterious.

When Louise was little
As a child Louise was lively, imginative and had the ability to make up looong stories. Her ability to dissapear into her own, or an imaginative, world was big and in particular the books gave her a sense of entering another universe. 

”J have always had a great need to express myself ”. 

And today – as n adult
Louise creates tales and objects that moves within the area between the obvious and the mysterious. It is an attempt to create a space allowing for new experiences to be made. Perhaps a kind of re-creation of Louises ability, from her childhood, to dissapear into another universe.

”To paint and work with my art and my creativity, is to me, a reaction of being alive. It is here I find piece and are able to give form and express emotions and thoughts”.

The attraction
Louise is attaracted to the bigger emotions, the longing, the melancholia and the dark. In general you can say that Louise is working with the mental space and is drawned to the things that are not anchered in the rationel world. The imaginations, the fantasies and the dreams.

 ”I practice in cutting to the bone, without looking the poetry. A fulcrum in my work is the transformation and the drama”.