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Mette Handberg



A scent of Florenze
Mette Handberg Almborg is an experienced artist within both projects, as well as the use of palpable materiales and technology. Her art has international standards and is both timeless and modern. Some of Mettes art has a touch of Paris, which I guess, originates from Mettes time in Paris. Here. Mette studied language, culture and fashion.

From Denmark, over NYC, to 1,5 years in Paris
When finishing her studies at FIT, New York and Polimoda Florence in 1996, she has already been far and wide.
While under education Mette lives 6 years in Florence, 2 years in NYC and 1,5 years in Paris. Here she takes in a lot of inspiration and participates in projects from designing for the fashion industry to the creation of unique art and wrtworks. Today Mette is back in Denmark wher her focus is n her own art.

Coffee is needed - in Mettes art

”My wish is to created beauty, that are both timeless and contemporary”. 

”Often I am inspired by nature, and by an ambition to make a feminine universe with an contemporary touch, showing my dedication to nature and it´s amazing shapes, colors ad materials.” Quote; Mette Handberg Almborg.

In the creative proces Mettes also uses her free imagination in. When that happens, she experiements with traditional design and art materials, but also ink and coffee find it´s way into Mettes art. 

”I try to convey following keywords in my art”.Quote; Mette Handberg Almborg.

  • Diversity
  • Feminine
  • Nordic
  • Contemporary
  • Nature

Have a look below - and see if you recognize them in Mettes art.

Art is so much more than just good craftmanship
What we fall in love with in Mettes art is the the simpel, timless and Scandinavian style. A style that indeed has an international touch and potential to it, Mettes hand makes every line completely indespensable for the completed work.

Finally - we underline that w are all arms up to have Mette here on ART DISTRICT.