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Ditte Sorensen



What the heck is "Madstitch"?

Madstitch is an original form of sewing art and a wondrous visual world full of surprises developed by textile artist Ditte Sorensen. Ditte sews pictures on the sewing machine, and combines ancient craft traditions with new media. All original images are based on either fabric or sewn paper collages where many works contain hidden surprises, such as auditory impressions as QR codes with "spoken word" and quirky stories.

"Must admit that I find the idea of ​​a secret or a hidden history inside a work very interesting and therefore I apply this concept in my own works," says Ditte.

Who is Ditte Sorensen?

A tall beautiful woman with a huge smile. That's what I encounter when I reach Blågårdsgade 29 in Copenhagen, where Ditte has has workshop. A workshop reminiscent of an art cave filled with textiles, threads, frames, ideas and contemporary art.

With a past as a stylist in Denmark, Spain and Germany as well as a pro in textile design, crafts and literacy, where ever she goes, Ditte brings with her a backpack packed with know-how and experience.

When we talk, I sense a humanbeing full of ideas, deep thoughts and crooked considerations, and an hour and several stories later, I begin to see Ditte in all the works which are shown to me on my visit. Actually pretty cool!


It is great to be slightly "Mad" when you can stitch it

Ditte is even a little "Mad" herself. She says, for example, she takes up roller-skating every day, to and from her workshop, and sometimes she counts the times she could have been run over if she wasn´t constantly was 200% focused.

Life needs a little madness and edge, "even though I know that it is foolish and I ought not to, I skate without a helmet on," says Ditte. "Then the number of times, that I was not run over count a little more, and when the helmet is of I feel that there is more freedom, roar, madness and pulse. And when there is, well – then there's more power to my stitching, says Ditte of.


It is not just a fun idea

There is substance - depictions and deep, professional art - when the fabrics come together for their ultimate expression in Ditte’s textile artworks. The relationship between the interest for the hidden history and life's ups and downs are quite clear, and when the fabrics are sewn together with Ditte's experimental approach, it is far from just a fun idea. It's complicated and professional, and this is how we end up with ”Madstitch”.



MADSTITCH - Sewn Art - from ART DISTRICT on Vimeo.