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Amira Rahim



In just few years, Amira´s art have garnered the attention of both first time buyers and seasoned collectors alike.

Amira RahimShe is an energetic and prolific artist, sure to impact her collectors and fans for seasons to come.

The first time I meet Amira it was because I rang her. I had seen a painting at Café Arabia in Abu Dhabi. I called her because there was something about that painting. It was a live, had power, coolness and decisiveness.  

I am glad I called, because i that lead me to meet a passionated woman with a huge potential. A lovely woman who tells, in all modesty, about herself and her art. 

Amira Rahim
Amira D. Rahim is a versatile painter who works primarily in acrylics and mixed media. Playing with color and texture on paper and canvas, she works interchangeably between abstract and figurative, often meeting somewhere in the middle. Her abstracts, meticulous in their use of color and pattern, seems at first glance to be heavily influenced by late abstract expressionism. However, a deeper understanding of Amira’s background and inspirations reveal an artist who has successfully blended her passion, intellectual rigor, and technique to create a fresh, original body of work.


The road to artistry
Originally from New Jersey, Amira discovered her love for art in the quiet spaces of her childhood. She immersed herself with drawing things from life and honed in on her technical skills for realism. 


“I knew early on that I could draw. I would entertain myself, family, and friends with identical renditions of popular cartoon characters, portraits, or scenes from my own imagination. So, you could say, I identified as being an artist since I was a child. But, I never knew you could earn a living as an artist so I instead focused on my academics.”


She holds a degree in Sociology, a minor in Portuguese, and traveled to 10 countries while completing foreign learning programs in both Brazil and Europe. All the while, she fed her appetite for art with university courses in drawing, painting, and art history.

Finding Inspiration Abroad
In 2013, she married and relocated around the globe to live in the bustling desert metropolis of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was there, away from the comforts of home and familiar, did she return back to her love for painting. While struggling to find inspiration in the desert terrain, she began experimenting with abstract art when she discovered her calling. With color as her muse, Amira explores its therapeutic qualities, infusing each painting with texture and forms beyond the pictorial. 


“My work is an attempt to create the beauty that I hope for in the world. I begin with an emotion or vision of a painting in my head and then intuitively seek to find it on the canvas. The often spontaneous and layered nature of my process gives each of my paintings its own unique energy. I draw from my experiences of travel and cultural studies in my work, and attempt to explore them with a curious optimism for the human condition.”


Amira Rahim Today
Amira resides in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where she paints from her home studio on a daily basis. When she is not at the easel, Amira can be found soaking up inspiration for her next body of work. Current inspirations include textiles and color, as well as themes unique to the Arab region, including abayas, camels, and more. Her other creative pursuits include learning graphic design, learning the ropes of being a creative entrepreneur, and textile design.

I am very excited to work with Amira and to take part in telling her stories and developing awareness about her work.Amira Logo