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Lis Engel


A beautiful white country house, is the setting for what I can best describe as, a borbardement of artistic delight. From the door opens and until I shut it Lis Engelbehind me again, it's like being in a world of adventures, discoveries and I simply lack superlatives to describe all that I see. I am visiting painter Lis Engel and her home is packed with artwork and creativity. Everywhere.

Debut only aged 12
Lis is originally from the Danish island "Bornholm". Here she had her dubut exhibition just 12 years old. This was the first of many exhibition. Since then Lis graduated as Cand. Scient . with a PhD in mind-altering techniques and worked for many years as a professor at the University of Copenhagen. Longer studys in contemporary art and dance in London, Paris, New York and Geneva, Contributes to the development of Lis' art, like her work as an active dancer and choreographer points her in her unique artistic direction.

The inspiration
Lis finds inspiration in nature, music, the "live meetings" and the moods and emotions that arise from these.

"It's about freedom and opportunity for transformation. It is about moving into the unknown, within the known . It is a place between the most proximate and infinite, the known and the unknown. In that "room" are movements and it is those movements that turn into my paintings", Lis tells .

Adventure, fantasy and mythology also find their way from Lis and out into the canvas, and the majority of Lis works have a (friendly) fairytale figure, creature or animal incorporated.

A very "down to earth" woman - with some very remarkable recognitions 
Lis has received numerous recognitions for her artwork . Most recently, in Berlin in 2015 , where the gallery Marzia Frozen, had three of her paintings exhibited in an exhibition dedicated to the 15 best performers in Europe. Before that , she received the Raphael Sanzios award in 2014 from the " Italia in Arte " and the list goes on.

Lis' art is so much more than first impressions which is also in the writing she received from the Director of Marzia Frozen Gallery, " It's really interesting code to read" .

Although Lis has exhibited in many countries , received a number of awards and is a very experienced artist with an amazing CV, there is nothing snobbish about her. She is courteous, smiling and has an uncomplicated personality. The authenticity in her work,comes not just of a good talent - that is for sure .


Do you wsih to visit Lis, exhibit her work or inquire about a specific or customized artwork?
If you are in Denmark and wish to visit Lis to explore more please write, and then we will help you with location. Please allow good time for your visit and remeber to stick your head into the garden. Here you will fin a litlle glass-studio with a view to the sky. 

If you wish to exhibit or want to enquire about customized artwork, then contact our CEO directly on


"Art is about life, and life is about touching and to be touched. It s about movement and being moved - we are always part of a larger whole" Quote: Lis Engel


When Lis is not painting, exhibiting or giving lessons she is an active member of:

Th einternational art group "Art of Imagination"  
The Danish art groups   
The art group Colour-Flow
The juried group "Kunstrunden North Zealand" 

And former co-founder of:

Dynamic Art art group.