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Vinderskov: Carre ring, sølv, medium

Vinderskov: Carre ring, sølv, medium

Pernille Vinderskov: Carré ring in silver (medium)

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The form is simple and classical, with fine curves which gives the ring its special unique and classic design.

Pernille Vinderskov designed the rings in wax, which is a bit like hard stearin. The waxes are sanded by hand and then there is being made a mold for them.

"When you wax models by hand it is very different from drawing it on the computer. And I like that," says Pernille Vinderskov.

Weight: 7.6 grams.
Dimensions: 26 x 20 mm.
Max .: thickness of 3.6 mm.
Material: Sterling silver

Pernille Vinderskov

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