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Lis engel: Falmingo Sketches

Lis engel: Falmingo Sketches

Lis Engel: Flamingo Sketches - UNIKA

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The style in the painting "Flamingo Sketches", as well as in Lis' other faitytale paintings, is best described as magical expressionism. It has its inspiration from the medieval paintings, both Persian and Nordic, mixed with a touch of poetic surrealism.

The inspiration for Lis' paintings, Lis finds in nature, music, the "alive" meeting and the moods and emotions that arise.

"It's about freedom and the opportunity for "transformation". It is about moving in the unknown within the known. It is a place between the most proximate and infinite, the known and the unknown. In that room there are movements and those movements are what turn into my paintings, "says Lis.

110 x 80 cm
Will be delivered in a narrow golden frame. As seen here. 
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