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Lotte Westphael: Keglevase med prikmønster

Lotte Westphael: Keglevase med prikmønster

Lotte Westphael: Cone Vase 01

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Common to Lotte Westphael's ceramics is that she likes the tight forms. When working she can become fascinated with a tight form, such as a border, which will differ from the actual decoration. The style is simple with fine details:

"The ceramics are allowed to have an individual touch," she explains. "Then it becomes more personal."

Old love

The cone vases occurred more or less randomly. Originally the model was a sample case. As it stood in her window she fell in love with it again, because they were slimmer than an ordinary vase for just one flower.

"That way I am given things in the process," she explains, adding: "While I work, new ideas pop up."

Flower buds, lollipops or balloons?

Both cups and vases are glazed, so that a piece in raw clay is left. It is quite deliberately as the texture gives highlights and the interaction between the matte and glossy, makes a unique design. Lotte has received many words of praise for Dot collection and it is funny how everyone is seeing something different in the pattern, she says. Some sees flower buds, other lollipops and balloons. And that is the beauty of it - that each person sees their own variation.

About the product:

Height: 17.5 cm
Width: 9 cm at the bottom

Lotte Westphael

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