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Bird A3 - illustration af Sofie Børsting

Bird A3 - illustration af Sofie Børsting

Bird A3 - illustration af Sofie Børsting

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When Sofie Børsting creates her products, it is usually from her countless sketches or when she writes - a process she repeats every morning:

"I write what comes to mind, and so I can get an idea from some abstract thoughts that can be a drawing."

Inspiration can also come when she sits on the street in Tivoli or Louisiana. A part of Sofie Børsting's creative process is also about getting out - for her it is not enough just to sit in the workshop:

"I go out and look at things and find inspiration in colors, animals and patterns from the old days. It's a mix of what I see and the small ideas that are helping to create. And it is about creating time for reflection."

In Sofie Børsting's universe it's animals and particularly birds that dominate. Their easy and light form and countless variation forms adorn therefore many of her posters. Many of her bird illustrations have also been given a geometric feel. Sofie Børsting has a preference for peacocks, which is not hard to miss. They arose out of sketches of funny birds that have been put together, and whereas it is their good tail space that has made them a favorite.

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A3 prints offset Fsc (sustainable forestry) paper 200 gr
Size: A3 29,7x42cm

Sofie Børsting

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