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Tine Wessel: Umbrella boys Pink/blå/sort

Tine Wessel: Umbrella boys Pink/blå/sort

Tine Wessel: Umbrella boys yellow / pink / blue / black

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"The ideas often comes while I embroider," says Tine.

"It is a particular universe I have inside, which I prefer, and one thought take the other."

The starting signal for the quirky series "Embroidery Circus" was a production of two works for a textile exhibition as Tine participated in. The series is a circus inspired childish universe and particularly characterized Tines fascination with dolls, animals and toys.

Do you see what I see?
Despite the playful and light exterior, there are many other thoughts behind embroideries:

"I was inspired by the way we communicate. Everyone has a different starting point for interpreting the world and their experience of the world. And it is a little what I try to capture in this series. I think it's so inspiring how we can experience and interpret so differently, depending on what we carry with us," says Tine.

Gender-Match, christening or creepy illustration?
The series is feminine, playful and happy. The very term very fragile and delicate, but also a little scary and fragile. This has resulted in that the reactions to the series has been very different. The series contains boy heads on balloons, which some have interpreted as a battle of the sexes. The thoughts Tine however not even had, and that's precisely what's the point:

"I think it's pretty funny that people react so very differently in the series," she says.

"So I have namely been correct. Some think they are creepy, while others believe that they would be the perfect christening gift, and I think it's really fun! "Because there is no final answers - embroideries must be free to own interpretation.

Ancient art with graphic expression
Although the embroidery technique is ancient, we are used to seeing graphic illustrations. It is a conscious choice Tine has taken to give the craft a different direction:

"I try to use the old techniques in a new way, so it gets a contemporary expression," she says.

"I'd like to swipe off the dust."

About the product:
The handmade embroidery measures 30 x 40 cm and is mounted in the white frame.
The picture has embroidered signature of the artist.

Tine Wessel

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